Premium Brown Dyed Mulch 

Our Premium Brown Dyed Mulch is created with an ultra brown premium colorant. We add more colorant than the industry average to achieve a rich, chocolate brown that stands up to the elements.  

Premium Red Dyed Mulch

Our Premium Red Dyed Mulch comes from 100% clean, ground white pallets.  Premium red colorant is added during the grinding process to achieve the vibrant red hue.  This product is most popular at shopping complexes. 

Premium Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch 

Our premium quality Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch is made from a hand-selected mixture of natural hardwood bark, root and tree grindings. We triple grind our hardwood mulch, then allow it to age.  Aging and turning the natural product allows it to reach the ideal dark color and desired texture.  

Premium Black Dyed Mulch 

Our most popular product, Premium Black Dyed Mulch is dyed with an environmentally-safe ultra black colorant that lasts all season.  All of our color enhanced mulches begin with the same all-natural materials as our Premium Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch.  
    At Frontier, we offer only the finest quality products.  Whether you're seeking natural mulch, or vibrant black, brown, or red dyed mulch, our products will surely exceed your expectations.  We promise to stand behind our products 100% with customer service that is second to none.  

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